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Podcasters need good, quality guests and here are our top 10 tips to give your host a quality conversation.

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    “I used to think that I could just 'wing it' when it came to being a podcast guest and record anywhere at anytime. Epic Journey Media's Guest Guide helped me realize that I need to be more aware of my surroundings, be a well-prepared guest, and give the host the best quality conversation possible.”

    Grant W.

    Charlotte, NC

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    Epic Journey Media's "10 Tips to be a BETTER Podcast Guest" PDF

    What THIS is all about

    Barking dogs. Screaming Kids. Rustling papers. Blowing wind. Dying device batteries. Hammering neighbors. Mowing lawns.

    Epic Journey Media, the creators of "The Best of LKN" and "The Best of Charlotte" podcasts, has compiled the "10 Tips To Be A Better Podcast Guest" into an easy-to-read reference guide that will anyone who's been invited to be a podcast guest up their game and give a quality, noise-free conversation. Enjoy!